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Recommended Partners

Seeking another skill-set or expertise beyond programming and development? Here are my colleagues that I've partnered and worked with over the years. From artists to musicians, these are the best of the best that I can personally recommend.


Petter Sumelius

Video Game Composer,
Sound Designer

-Half a decade of experience creating powerful vibrant melodies used in a variety of applications.

-Strong technical knowledge with dynamic sound manipulation and Unity integration.


Johnathon Brown

2D Artist, Creative Director

-Extensive experience in the game industry managing art teams, visually designing game art styles from the floor up.

-Very passionate with wonderful high-res pixel art style in dark mature themes.

-Strong technical knowledge in Unity.


Dean Greasley

Artist, 3D Asset Specialization

-11 years in the games industry.
-Self motivated and disciplined with extensive knowledge of 3ds max, Inscape, Unity, and Photoshop.

-Excellent technical knowledge of game dev pipelines.

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